Crosslam Australia. The first manufacturer of CLT panels in Australia.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a common building product in Europe and the USA. CLT is now available for use in Australia.

Crosslam Australia commenced research on making CLT Panels in Australia in 2013. It produced its first CLT panel in 2015. Since then further development of the manufacturing processes has taken place.

Smart production techniques and patented treatment technologies will help make their products leaders in the market. This is testimony to Australian innovation and research and a good reason to select our product over imported products that have no such protection.

For Crosslam Australia the integrity of the product is our their priority. Their CLT panels are manufactured and tested to exacting tolerances to help optimise engineering performance. We rigorously test our products to NATA standards and certify our manufacturing process to ISO 9001 compliance.