WAPRES in world first with FSC Controlled Wood Certification

Original article by WAPRES.

Local plantation manager and wood chip exporter WAPRES was chosen to trial the international FSC Controlled Wood draft standard (FSC STD-40-005 V3-0 Draft 2.0 and FSC STD-30-010 V3-0 Draft 2.0) in conjunction with SCS Global Certification San Francisco USA and FSC International Bonn Germany.

The trial audit was designed to see how the new draft standard would be applied to the purchase of WAPRES’ non-estate owned E.globulus (Blue Gum) wood from non-certified suppliers and private land owners.

The company’s management systems were scrutinized intensely before the auditing team comprising of Mr Graeme Lea of SCS Global and Ms Joanna Nowakowsk from FSC International travelled with WAPRES personnel throughout the south-west of WA undertaking field audits of several of the harvested private plantations.

The consensus of the trial audit was that it provided valuable feedback for the standard developers FSC International. Both the auditors from SCS Global and FSC International were impressed with the management and operations of WAPRES and thanked the company for providing assistance to be one of the first forestry organizations in the world and hence Australia to meet the new draft standard compliance. Recognition of the new standard is yet to occur with the expected implementation of the standard scheduled for early 2015.

Wayne Hammond, Compliance and Management System Manager for WAPRES, said “the new draft standard (controlled wood) concentrated on the identification and risk management of High Conservation Values within plantation operational areas and the importance of gaining stakeholder feedback into the way WAPRES goes about its business of wood procurement, processing and exporting of high quality wood chips to Japan and China for the production of paper and paper based products.

The results of the audit will be made public when the final audit report is completed with the next few months.

Part of the audit team are shown in one of WAPRES’ many managed plantations in the South West of WA. Left to right is Donna Rumenos WAPRES Management Systems Officer, Graeme Lea Lead Auditor SCS Global, Joanna Nowakowska Program Manager (Controlled Wood) FSC International, Alex Kiely WAPRES HSE Supervisor and Davin Gibellini WAPRES Plantation Operations Manager.