Plantation Timbers in Western Australia

Did you know that a large share of sawn wood produced in WA is grown in softwood (pine) plantations?

So in addition to harvesting timbers from natural forests, and hardwood plantations, we process logs sourced in pine plantations that are managed primarily for valuable sawmilling wood.

Like timber from natural forests, products from plantations are renewable, largely processed in the southwest region, and marketed both domestically and abroad. As a result, positive, long-term social, environmental, and economic benefits are brought to our Western Australian community. Today, most of the plantation estate, in excess of 100 000 hectares, is managed by the Forest Products Commission WA (FPC), with some private growers also supporting this important processing and manufacturing industry.

The main species is radiata pine (Pinus radiata) which as been grown throughout the lower southwest and great southern regional areas, and maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) more suited to coastal sandplain areas. The solid wood for buildings and structural uses, laminated large section timbers, panel and chipboard sheets and treated round poles and posts made from our softwoods, significantly reduce reliance on imported timbers.