3 Desirable Hardwoods of Western Australia Forests

Photo courtesy of Gnangarra,

Wikimedia Commons.Original article by Forest Industries.The forests of Western Australia’s south west are carefully managed to protect all the values of the forest, including old-growth and biodiversity values. There is an extensive National Parks and Nature Reserves system, as well as provision for recreation and tourism, including the world-famous Walpole Treetop Walk. These forests also support a strictly limited, sustainable harvest of native hardwoods.


Western Australian jarrah is one of the world’s great hardwoods. Fine furniture made from jarrah is prized not only in WA, but commands a world market. Outdoor leisure furniture in jarrah has become a significant export industry.Jarrah is extensively used in many Western Australian homes, for flooring and decorative uses, as well as for structural purposes. Because most jarrah is value-added these days, its use as a structural timber is becoming less common.


Karri is also used to make furniture and flooring. Because of its great strength, karri is used in many structural applications.


The recent emergence of feature grade furniture, which emphasises the natural features of the timber, such as gum lines, to enhance its attractiveness, has seen a boost in the demand for marri. Its lighter colour has also proved popular.