WA.FCN Response to Article on ABC

This is article is WA.FCN official response to the recent article published on ABC.

This article featured in ABC News on-line within a week of the Forest Products Commission’s external audit for karri Controlled Wood, no doubt initiated by the key forest conservation groups that oppose our sustainable forest management program that includes timber harvesting. It seems ABC was sent, by the environmental movement, a press release and photo designed to appeal to people who are uncomfortable with tree felling. Clearly this is another clutching at straws attempt to shut down our valued southern timber industry.

The article itself seeks through its headline, picture and opening paragraphs, to create a negative impression and that the international certification of karri timber and forest management processes in place, should be scrapped. However, as the article covers further down in the text, both Forest Stewardship Council and FPC do put forward more balance and reality that supports the certification process

WA.FCN on behalf of its members will continue to represent the very important social, economic and employment aspects of the forest and timber industry. We have established a positive dialogue with FPC and timber industry representatives to help achieve good outcomes for our communities.