The Ying and Yang of Forests Natural Cycle: Disturbance and Regrowth

Original article by Forest Industries.

Did you know that disturbance and regrowth are parts of the natural cycle of a forest?

In Western Australia, our forests have evolved to cope with major disturbances such as fire or logging — and fully-recover from it. This coping mechanism to recover are pushed further forward by W.A. FCN by promoting reforestation.

This is inline with our aim to foster healthy and sustainable future for our communities and our associated forests.

The photographs below shows the progressive natural restoration of karri forest on the Rainbow Trail, near Pemberton, after a severe wildfire in 1930. The forest was clear-felled and regenerated vibrantly and healthily throughout the years.

The photographs show the same area of forest in 1934, 1984 and 1999 — showing how completely the karri forest regenerates to be indistinguishable from the forest it replaces.