How We Ensure Western Australia Forests Are Managed Sustainably

Original article by Forest Industries.

The most important principle in forest management is sustainability. Sustainable management means that we harvest lesser amount of wood than the amount that grows back — creating a surplus of wood amount.

It is also important that the harvesting method are inline with the preservation of the environment, plants, and animals that inhabit the forests. This ensures that our forests are maintained in a natural balance.

Beyond that, Forest Management Plans are drawn up for all the forest areas to ensure sustainable management. The plans are open for public scrutiny and comment before finalisation. Next, they are subjected to independent scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Authority, together with public participation. All of these are done before the plans are approved by both the Minister for the Environment and the minister for Forest Products.

As part of the recent Regional Forest Agreement process, the Western Australia government appointed an independent panel of experts to check on the sustainability of the level of timber harvest set out in the RFA. The panel consisted of Dr Brian Turner from the Australian National University, Professor Ian Ferguson from Melbourne University, and Mr Noel Fitzpatrick, nominated by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Their report confirmed the sustainability of the Western Australia timber harvest.

You can obtain a copy of this report from the Forest Industries Federation of WA.