Our Aim, Materials, and Consultant in Educating the Youth

Our aim is to raise awareness and encourage learning about the management and use of Western Australia’s:

  • South west native forests.

  • Softwood and hardwood plantations.

Our recommended teaching and learning materials:

  • Cater for junior primary to upper secondary students.

  • Are based on the Curriculum Council of Western Australia, Curriculum Framework, 1998, and use of outcomes continua such as the Education Department of Western Australia, Student Outcome Statements, 1998.

  • Are free of charge unless large quantities such as class sets are required.

Our materials are distributed to Western Australian government and non-government schools. Many of our materials are already in your schools as you will see in the information to follow.

If you can’t locate any item from the set of materials please contact our Education Consultant through the Order/Query opportunity.

Our program is managed by experienced Education Consultants:

Our Education Consultants will be delighted to assist you and/or your students in any way they can. The contact details are;

Phone: (08) 9381 5734 Facsimile: (08) 9381 5370 Email: halleen6@iinet.net.au